Find The Perfect Bat, Every Time

Find The Perfect Bat, Every Time

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Every bat is inspected by hand for quality assurance.

Baseball was once America’s truest past-time and among the most affordable sports for a young athlete to enjoy. Gone are the days of sharing a glove with the player on the other team that is playing the same position, one or two bats per team that everyone used and a single bag of catcher’s equipment – including the glove. With the cost of metal bats, spikes, batting gloves and all the other gear everyone seems to need these days – not to mention the cost of most elite travel programs, how is a youth player’s family or a high school kid supposed to afford competitive equipment in a game that used to be so popular partly because it was inexpensive? Finally, an answer…

Merc Bat Company is an independent Rhode Island based company, which was founded on the unparalleled commitment to bring quality products at an affordable price.
“We are not in it for the money. We are in it for the love of the game. We can afford to make a high quality product and sell it at a price the average family can afford. So that is exactly what we have done!” – Merc Bat Company CEO

The MERC Bat Company family’s passion for the game of baseball led to a vision of providing the finest maple and most detailed craftsmanship, elevating America’s favorite pastime to a higher level.
With more leagues converting to wooden bats each year, quality and productivity are on high demand. Merc Bat Company is the answer.

Successful ball players themselves, the MERC Bat Company family understands performance and feel; an insight that raises Merc bats from a generic consumer product to a customized prosumer work of art.
Players at every level can appreciate a Merc bats’ power and durability. It’s quality that won’t empty your wallet.

Merc Bat Company, we care about your performance and we care about baseball!

Our maple is hand selected and crafted to ensure the finest productivity on the market, and to prove our commitment to raising your game to a new level.

From all of us – Thank you for your interest!
The MERC Bat Company

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