Find The Perfect Bat, Every Time

Find The Perfect Bat, Every Time

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MERC ELITE Baseballs are NFHS Certified and available in High Raised and Low Seams! The MERC ELITE Baseball is the best baseball for High School and Collegiate level play. Tested against the most popular NFHS baseballs, the MERC ELITE baseball beat them all! This premium leather baseball has the highest quality wrap, a very tight winding and a premium low-to-high raised seam ensuring longevity and performance. Pitchers love it for the feel. Batters love it because they can drive it. Coaches, athletic directors and program directors love it because it is built to last! This baseball is certified to meet and exceed all NFHS standards and is stamped with the logo to be eligible for all National Federation High School play.

About the Model

Leather: Premium Cowhide - There are three grades of cuts from a typical leather sheet as it thickens. MERC ELITE baseballs are cut from the very best of each sheet.

Winding: White Wool - 100% White Virgin wool versus the industry standard, less than 50%.

Seams: Available with High Raised Seams or Low Seams

Center: Premium Cushioned Cork


High Raised Seams, Low Seams

Available Sizes

HIgh Raised Seams and Low Seams

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